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Lesco_ISO 14001 Standard (Environmental Policy) 2015

Issued On 06.01.2015

Introduction and Overall Aim

We are a long established distribution company based in Canterbury, Kent.

Our main products are Office Furniture Accessories. Shelving and Furniture that is sourced from the UK and Europe. This is stored and distributed nationally and internationally.

Our Company recognises the impacts that’s its activities may have on the local, national and global environment and our aim is to minimise these through a comprehensive Environmental Management System (EMS). This policy describes how we can achieve this aim.

Our policy is to comply with all applicable environmental legislation and seek to follow best practice guidelines. It is our intention to make sure that we adopt policies early to meet targets ahead of schedule. If we find something that makes an environmental difference it is our policy to be early adaptors of this and will not wait until we are forced to carry out changes.

We actively seek to prevent pollution in all activities and will regularly review our policies in the light of increased knowledge. Our Environmental Management system is constantly evolving; where the latest knowledge and techniques are used to constantly update it. This is a vital part of the continued improvement element of our EMS standard and the ISO 9001-2008 standard.

Our Company is at present undergoing a process that will lead us to accreditation to the ISO 14001 standard.

The environmental policy applies to all areas of our operations and the Directors and Managers will all take a full role to ensure the policy is implemented throughout the company. All employees have a responsibility in their particular jobs to ensure that the aims and objectives of this policy are met.

The company is committed to ensuring sufficient resources area made available to implement this policy. Training needs pertinent to this policy will also be identified and addressed.

The company is committed to a process of continual improvement and further development in all areas of environmental performance,

This will include

  • Involve our staff, suppliers and customers within the industry in the development of our environmental policies.
  • Integrate environmental considerations into decision-making including the purchase of new equipment or the adoption of new or modified techniques and processes.
  • Abide by the principals of Reduce, Re–use or Recycle which are fundamental to our environmental plan.
  • Reduce the use of resources where possible including materials, energy, water etc.
  • Re use any waste products etc that we can.
  • Provide positive encouragement to staff to think and act in an environmental safe manner within their own areas of responsibility.
  • Evaluate and monitor supplier performance,
  • Seek to prevent or limit environmental damage through effective contingency planning in the case of a major or minor incident.
  • Control noise and any nuisance emitted from our site.

These will be set out at all Management review meetings, which will be held at regular intervals to review progress towards implementation of the EMS standard.

These will also be monitored by internal audits on our system that will be carried out to a pre plan each year.

This environmental policy statement is available on request by customers, suppliers, the public and all our employees.

The policy will be reviewed every six months from date of issue.

Raw materials will only be used from recycled or reinstated and managed sources.

Energy will be conserved wherever possible by electronic sensors and controls to limit unnecessary use. Only the most efficient fuel engines and minimum ratings of electrical equipment will be approved.

Effluents can only be disposed of under guidelines laid down by government regulation, supplier recommendation and generally, Material safety data sheets issued by suppliers. An approved Industrial Waste disposer will collect any hazardous substance.

Packaging and waste disposal will be to COSH regulation through an approved Industrial waste contractor.

6th January 2015

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