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Archimede Folding Table

design Angelo Pinaffo

The Lesco folding table has been designed to provide the best ergonomic solution in the exploitation and facility of a multifunctional space.

With the need to accommodate a wide variety of use, the range has been designed for easy deployment and configuration to achieve the optimum flexibility of layout and format. The need to be easily moved into position, plus a requirement to be easily and safely dismantled and compactly stored between functions was also researched.

There are a wide variety of top shapes and sizes to allow multiple arrangements of form and angle. All considerations of scale, proportion and function can be catered for from standard parts.

Stackable flip-top table with castors.  Melamine top 25mm thick, edge in ABS 2mm.  Steel frame with brake castors Ø75mm (kick pedal). Click link below to Download the RETAIL Price List for these items:
ARCHIMEDE folding table

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ARCHIMEDE folding tableARCHIMEDE folding tableARCHIMEDE folding tableARCHIMEDE folding tableARCHIMEDE folding tableARCHIMEDE folding tableARCHIMEDE folding table

The folding mechanism is designed in such a way that it will satisfy all educational health and safety concerns. The release mechanism is by a bar beneath the top edge and the table folds down towards the user making it near impossible to trap fingers. The top is deployed by simply lifting to the horizontal. An automatic locking system secures the top in position on the frame when level. Concealed catches connect the table tops adjacent to each other if required.

This system is based on a pivotal action eliminating lifting the weight of the top and facilitating ease of use. The table design eliminates multiple legs by utilising a centre leg at each end stabilised by a cross member with generously sized double locking castors on the base for ease of movement on any surface.

Storage and move-ability are improved by compact nesting and large clearance through standard single door widths.  

To comply with the most rigorous industry and educational standards, attention has been given to the safety of operation, the level of engineering and finish, plus an unconditional 5 year guarantee. CATAS.

“Rectangular tops are available in 4 lengths: 1200 mm, 1400 mm, 1600 mm and 1800 mm, with modesty panels for all sizes. There are three radius tops and two angular sections for flexibility of combination.

Frames are finished in White, Grey or Chrome/Black.

Standard top colour is White but alternative finishes are Walnut, Light Oak, Wenge and Maple.

Various electrical supply systems and cable management can be incorporated.”

The range includes a bespoke folding chair that can be stored with the folded table. Two optional chairs can be attached to each table in the folded position.

  1. Meeting  and Presentation - These elegant tables can be used for all level of meeting and presentation. This conventional meeting setup illustrates the flush Aluminium power and cable boxes. There is also cable guides for the legs. In this configuration the locked couplings ensure a stable construction.

  2. Training and Presentation - A temporary lecture facility with folding chairs easily stowed away with the tables after use.

  3. Breakout or Agile Working - An interesting shape making the most of a small space.

  4. Chrome and Black finish to frame.

  5. Working to Plan - A small group or convivial working area.

  6. College or Classroom - Showing the modesty panel fitting. The occupancy could easily be increased by the addition of 6 further folding chairs.

  7. Storage - 4 tables and 8 chairs within the same space. The most compact folded arrangement.

The quick and easy deployment of the tables with the space saving storage capacity makes this product a useful tool in the facility managers repertoire.... variable power and cable plug systems, unique locking facility, ABS cable ports, support hooks for chairs, modesty panels, large double castors, endless layouts make this a unique consideration for constructive spacial furnishing in the modern office.

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