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Blast Protection Bins

Where there is a terrorist threat every precaution should be taken to minimise the impact, detonation of an IED (improvised explosive device) can have on the surrounding area.
Blast Protection Bin

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Blast Protection BinBlast Protection BinBlast Protection BinsBlast Protection BinsBlast Protection Bins
The prime consideration is the protection of the general public in the vicinity, who may be injured or killed as a result of fragmentation of the device, the container and its contents.

Over the past six years we have developed secure and affordable blast-resistant containers to provide high levels of protection for use in many high profile Public Buildings, Open Spaces and Arenas.

The use of such equipment satisfies the need of every organization to fulfil a duty of care to its staff and general public, and in many cases this can reduce insurance premiums where public protection is required.

We have carried out rigorous product tests by an accredited body, Cranfield University Ordnance and Explosive Test Centre (COTEC), to the UK Police Scientific Development Board (PSDB) standards. All data is available to potential customers.

We are pleased to offer technical advice to allow for the level of threat being considered and recommend suitable weights and materials to provide adequate protection from blast. Please contact us for discreet and confidential consultation.

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