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Corista Free Standing Acoustic Panel

Design: Lorenzo Palmeri
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Corista acoustic panels

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Corista acoustic panelsCorista acoustic panelsCorista acoustic panels

The patented Corista sound-absorbing acoustic panel uses Snowsound® technology, designed by partnering with sound engineers & musicians of international repute, in a view to understand and meet their needs for acoustics, senses, emotions and practical use.

• Polyester internal padding with Snowsound technology, polyester covering in Trevira CS® fabric
• Single material and 100% recyclable
• Eco friendly - Greenguard Gold
• Durable, tackable double-sided surface
• Patented varible density composition
• Class A sound absorption with NRC 1.0 (ISO 354/ASTM C423/ISO 11654)
• Absorbs 94% of human speech frequencies
• Class A fire and smoke safety (UL 723/ASTM E84)
• CAL 133, 117 pass
• Sleek profile at only 1.4” thick
• Single panel weight 5.51 lbs.
• Easy to transport, portable
• Free standing

A freestanding acoustic treatment system, engineered to be a convenient solution for recording studios and musicians; Corista provides excellent performance and flexibility and is easily moved around your room as required.

Built using SnowSounds patented absorption technology with multiple layers of material they provide a smooth and even noise reduction for mixing, home recording, practice rooms, live rooms and any environment where music is played.

Since SnowSound Corista is free standing, it is easily stored away when out of use, measuring just 159cm x 44cm and weighing only 2.5kg, it’s very light and small enough to hide away if required.

Corista is available with two accessory options, the first of which is an epoxy coated steel floor stand for single panels and the second, is a carry bag designed by Caimi that can hold up to four Corista panels.

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