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Dualis Desktop Accessories (Recycled)

Design Jacques RIVET

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100% Recycled in Black (24) Only.

Desktop Accessories made from 100% Recycled raw material.

"Manade’s commitment to new technologies & sustainable development has led us to test a new material produced 100% from recycled classic plastics.

Currently all our product ranges are manufactured from materials that can be recycled, but now the Tribu, Dualis, and Artheo product ranges will also be available in 100% recycled ABS or Polypropylene.

Indeed, we will be using a raw material that has already been used, reword from discarded products, selected with care to be regenerated. Nevertheless, to guarantee uniformity in the visual aspect of our production we have chosen to produce these product ranges only in black, the only color whose supply sources are currently constant and reliable."

Portrait mail tray L 268 x D 334 x H 70 mm
Landscape mail tray L 348 x D 254 x H 70 mm
Pen and clip tray L 268 x D 170 x H 70 mm
Pen box L 144 x D 83 x H 100 mm
CD holder (1) L 268 x D 140 x H 70 mm D
Binder support L 112 x D 262 x H 330 mm
3-sections sorter L 275 x D 254 x H 70 mm
Tape dispenser (1) L 70 x D 140 x H 50 mm
Calendar holder (1) L240 x D 170 x H 38 mm

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