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In - Suspended Ceiling Acoustic Panels

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Suspended Ceiling Acoustic Panels

Snowsound In suspended ceiling acoustic panels, measuring 59x59 cm or 59x119 cm, can be inserted in suspended ceilings with profiles & supports that can hold their weight. The panels come with the CE mark according to the harmonised technical specification EN 13964 for use as a suspended ceiling.

IN patented Snowsound® panels can be seamlesslyinserted into 2’ x 2’ or 2’ x 4’ drop ceiling grids as ahighlight or natural color blend, while providing superior acoustic comfort compared to traditional ACT. Thissystem can be retrofitted or specified architecturallyin the design phase.

• Polyester internal padding with Snowsound technology, polyester covering in Trevira CS® fabric
• Single material and 100% recyclable
• Eco friendly - Greenguard Gold
• Durable, tackable double-sided surface
• Patented varible density composition
• Class A sound absorption with NRC 1.0 (ISO 354/ASTM C423/ISO 11654)
• Absorbs 94% of human speech frequencies
• Class A fire and smoke safety (UL 723/ASTM E84)
• CAL 133, 117 pass
• Sleek profile at only 1.4” thick
• CE certified for ceiling

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