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Lockers - Steel


Steel carcass and doors available in 7 colours - Grey Carcass with the option of Pastel Blue, Red, Yellow, Green, Maroon, Dark Blue & Grey Doors - Anti Bacterial Paint 99.9% Effective against MRSA and E-coli - Robust Construction - Welded Frame Design - Concealed Hinges - Lock Options - Metric Sized - Sloping Top Option - Breathing holes.

Single, Two, Three, Four, Six, Eight, Ten and Fifteen Door Lockers and in depths 300 or 450mm.

Options: Additional Perforations, Sloping Top, Additional Keys, Hanging Rail, Key Fob, Number Plates, Coin or Token Lock & Padlock Fitting. 

Suitable for the following purposes: Garment and Shoe Storage - Laptop Safes - Hot Desking. 

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