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Recycling Station 2

Extract from a testimonial on an environmental recycling project for BAA.

Last night saw the final instalment of recycling units for the Terminal departure lounges, with a dozen units going into Terminal 3 and a second instalment of units into Terminal 1. Every terminal now has facilities to enable our passengers to separate wastes for recycling for the first time.

Initial results from our trial in one terminal showed that we captured 11,000 litres of recyclable paper, cardboard, plastics and cans in just one week. That’s valuable resources that would otherwise have gone straight to landfill. We will continue to monitor use of the recycling units over coming weeks to ensure we have the right systems in place to maximise their value to the business.

"Thanks to our design and communications teams, the sign-shop and our supplier Lesco for ensuring the bins look fantastic (and they do!)."

Lesco detail:

These units are fire safe being in metal and are colour coded for easy identification of waste. They are effective because they are obtrusive in the concourse and 96% efficient in separation. They are robust and easy to clean and empty.

Recycling Carousel 2

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Recycling Carousel 2Recycling Carousel 2Recycling Carousel 2Recycling Carousel 2
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