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Snowfront Desktop Mounted Acoustic Panel Screen

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Desktop Mounted Acoustic Panel for Work Surfaces e.g. Office Work Stations

Snowfront system, which uses acoustic panel screens made with Snowsound technology, is an ideal way to divide up work surfaces by creating a visual barrier while also optimising acoustic comfort. Snowfront allows the panels to be positioned on the work surface using metal clamps at the desired height.

The SNOWFRONT system uses Snowsound® as a customheight visual barrier & modesty screen. The ultra-thin35mm acoustic panel screens attach to work surfaces, and offer a dualsolution with a 1.0 NRC sound absorption rating.

As withother Snowsound designs, this system can be retrofittedto existing spaces or specified as an architectual elementin the design phase.

• Polyester internal padding with Snowsound technology, polyester covering in Trevira CS® fabric
• Single material and 100% recyclable
• Eco friendly - Greenguard Gold
• Durable, tackable double-sided surface
• Patented varible density composition
• Class A sound absorption with NRC 1.0 (ISO 354/ASTM C423/ISO 11654)
• Absorbs 94% of human speech frequencies
• Class A fire and smoke safety (UL 723/ASTM E84)
• CAL 133, 117 pass
• Sleek profile at only 1.4” thick
• Desk mounted

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