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About us

Lesco was founded in 1969 and during that period we have built up a strong reputation in the public area and hospitality trade as a leading supplier of interior accessories. We specialise in covered bedroom bins, ash/litter bins, airport and public area bins together with barriers, seating and display products. We cater for both interior and exterior solutions.

Our extensive range of products has been expanded and developed to accommodate a wide variety of customers’ needs and regulations. This is illustrated by the development of a public area seat to satisfy DDA norms and a range of Blast Resist bins for public security.

It is of prime concern to us that the product not only meets design criteria of quality, durability and safety but also remains aesthetically up to date and stylish. We are sure to have a model to suit your particular environment and give your company a prestigious, personalised image.

Our field sales managers will bring direct consultation to your environment. Our role is not only to supply our contractors, but to assist you to choose the right product, and working with the specifying architects or interior designers. This website is a point of reference in your office, but the sales staff are dedicated to provide any further consultation, quotations or advice on installation.

Our mission is to be the most competitive and reliable supplier to our customers, and we value you as much as to ourselves to make your environment more comfortable and safe to live in.

P.D. Jeary
Chairman and MD


CLIENT SATISFACTION is very important to us, if you have any comments or suggestions on our services, products or personnel, please email us at:

"All correspondence is treated as confidential."

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