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In order to further support our 2500+ Dealers in the UK we would like to offer the following services:

Link to our new 'Unbranded' website at The complete and instant way to promote the subject of accessories and ancillery furniture to your clients. View instructions on how to link to the Unbranded website.

Our area managers are keen to visit to train your sales people in the fine detail of our product ranges. Please let us know when you are having your next sales meeting and give us as long as you dare.

The new Specification/Price List and 'Unbranded' catalogues are available NOW. They can be sent by post or delivered by our area managers.

Dressing your showroom (at a preferencial rate of course) helps to promote an approved range of accessories. It also adds to the visual impact of the workstation as it will finally appear in reality. Accessories often facilitate the workstation for IT use and ergonomic comfort.

If you would like to become one of our dealers or have a special requirements please contact our sales office on 01227- 763637

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